Cannabis for Warriors (CFW) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization fighting to end the alarming number of suicides and overdose deaths within the military and first responder veteran community by providing safe and affordable access to medical cannabis and/or CBD as an alternative to dangerous prescription drugs.

Over 50 American Heroes are lost every day to suicide and accidental overdose, this is an epidemic we must end!

CFW’S VISION is a world where our nations warriors can lessen their mental and physical pain through alternative treatments that afford them the freedom to live healthy, happy, and productive lives.

CFW’S all-volunteer force will accomplish our mission through: advocacy, awareness, and education on a state and federal level; collaborating with like-minded organizations, businesses, and individuals; partnering with physicians, clinics, dispensaries, growers, and CBD distributors that offer CFW Members treatment options at a substantially reduced cost; breaking the stigma and working to end discrimination against cannabis use among employers, health insurers, and the government; and by providing direct assistance programs for severely disabled military and first responder veterans who would otherwise be unable to afford medical cannabis and/or CBD.  



As a non-profit we rely solely on the generosity and support of our community.  Every tax-deductible donation will directly help CFW save and improve the quality of life of  military and first responder veterans with safe, and affordable access to medical cannabis and/or CBD.


If you are a physician, clinic, dispensary, grower, or CBD distributor that would like to offer CFW Members discounted rates on treatment or medicine, would like to employ military and first responder veterans, or would like to help facilitate our mission in any other regard we would love to work with you!


We are an all-volunteer force and always happy to bring highly motivated, dedicated, passionate, professional, and caring individuals to our team. Whether you help by spreading awareness of our organization and our mission, have a professional skill set that would benefit the team, or want to help in any other way, we would love to have you!


Our Warriors In Need (WIN) program is for friends, families, and loved ones to submit a Warrior who may qualify for assistance through CFW. If you know a Warrior in need, please share their story. All information remains strictly confidential.

Operation Warrior Relief

This Veteran’s Day CFW is launching Operation Warrior Relief to bridge the financial gap and help military and first responder veterans afford medical cannabis treatment. The all-volunteer team at CFW, which consists mostly of disabled veterans who have themselves found relief in medical cannabis, has set the lofty goal of giving six Louisiana veterans and/or first responders a year of free medical cannabis treatment. As we continue forward with Operation Warrior Relief, our goal is to expand this assistance nationwide and sponsor at least one military or first responder veteran every month. 

Our Generous Partners and Supporters