Cannabis for Warriors (CFW) is a non-profit entity recognized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. CFW was founded by Izaak “Zaak” Thibodeaux in 2018 and is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana where Zaak resides with his wife and 9-year old son.  The idea behind CFW’s mission originated from Zaak’s painstaking research and personal experiences as he attempted to rebuild his wellbeing from the ravages of combat with safe and affordable medical cannabis.

Every day, over 50 of our nation’s warriors perish from prescription drug overdoses and/or suicide.  Zaak took these deaths personally, vowing to continue his work as “Doc”, a title he thought discarded when he took off the uniform in 2014.

Cannabis has always been viewed in a positive light by those in the medical community who understand it’s enormous potential and relative safety. Cannabis has been proven time and time again to be a natural and safe alternative to the harsh and dangerous prescription drugs used so frequently today. Only through years of misguided legislative policy has cannabis earned a reputation as dangerous.  Sadly, many of the individuals who would benefit from cannabis the most are severely disabled, unable to work, or otherwise unable to afford medical cannabis treatment.

This is where Zaak saw an opportunity, and the need, to help our nations’ warriors in a way our elected officials have failed to do.  CFW was founded for all those who have served this great nation and deserve the freedom to use the medicine of their choice.  The main goal of CFW is to improve the quality of life of our veterans and first responders with safe, effective and affordable access to medical cannabis.

Notwithstanding of the stigma that still surrounds cannabis, Zaak and the team at CFW continue to fight for what they believe is right.  CFW relies exclusively on scientifically proven, medical based research and fact-based testimonies from fellow veterans and first responders in order to dispel deep-rooted misconceptions and falsities that still affect policy decisions today.  CFW uses this information to advise and educate policy makers in Baton Rouge, as well as on a national level on Capitol Hill.   

With your help and support CFW hopes to:

  • Help improve the quality of life for veterans and first responders by offering assistance and resources to legally obtain medical cannabis as an alternative to alcohol and/or traditional prescriptions.
  • Collaborate with medical professionals to offer educational materials and events focused on explaining the health benefits, and associated risks, of medical cannabis.
  • Partner with physicians, pharmacies, dispensaries, and CBD distributors nationwide to provide discounted rates for medical cannabis treatment and/or medicine for CFW members.
  • Provide assistance to severely disabled and/or low-income veterans and first responders who would otherwise be unable to afford treatment. Assistance will be approved by the CFW team on an as-needed basis as funding allows and will include transportation to and from appointments, as well as financial assistance for treatment.
  • Use medical and scientific research, along with personal testimonies from CFW members to advocate, on the state and federal level, for safe and affordable access to medical cannabis.

If you are passionate about what we are doing and are interested in joining the fight for our nation’s warriors, click here to learn more.