Operation Warrior Relief

CFW’S MISSION is to end the alarming number of suicides and overdose deaths within the military and first responder veteran community by providing safe and affordable access to medical cannabis and/or CBD as an alternative to dangerous prescription drugs. Over 50 American Heroes are lost every day to suicide and accidental overdose, this is an epidemic we must end! 

Cannabis is saving and improving lives all over the country, including that of Retired Army Medic and Founder and President of CFW, Izaak “Zaak” Thibodeaux. Zaak came up with the idea for CFW after being given at least 50 different cocktails of prescription drugs, all of which caused more harm than good. “I got out of the military on 18 medications. While I didn’t feel anxiety or pain, I didn’t feel any human emotions, I was a zombie and rendered completely useless.” After years of struggling and research on alternative treatment, Zaak finally found relief in cannabis. “Cannabis carried me through the darkest hours when I was on the verge of taking my own life, it allowed me to safely discontinue prescription medications I was taking, and I felt better than I had since returning home from Afghanistan several years earlier.”

Zaak sat around last Veterans Day in tears and agony with the weight of those lost to suicide and prescription drug overdose. “I couldn’t sit back and do nothing, I knew something more had to be done because there are lives that can be saved.” Zaak took these deaths personally, vowing to continue his work as “Doc”, a title he thought discarded when he took off the uniform in 2014. “I thought when I laid my aid bag and weapon down that I would be done fighting, that my mission to save my brothers and sisters lives was over. However, that is not the case, my brothers and sisters need me now more than ever.” Two days later, Zaak founded Cannabis for Warriors with one simple vision; “To save our brothers and sisters lives with the healing powers of medical cannabis.”

Simply put, cannabis works, yet due to the high costs of the newly available medication, it remains inaccessible for far too many of those who need it most. This is where the CFW mission is so critical, and where we need your help!

This Veteran’s Day CFW will launch Operation Warrior Relief to bridge the financial gap and help military and first responder veterans afford medical cannabis treatment. This will include Doctor’s fee’s and a financial stipend to cover the cost of medical cannabis products. The all-volunteer team at CFW, which consists mostly of disabled veterans who have themselves found relief in medical cannabis, has set the lofty goal of giving six Louisiana military and/or first responder veterans an entire year of free medical cannabis treatment. As we continue forward with Operation Warrior Relief, our goal is to expand this assistance nationwide and sponsor several military or first responder veterans every month. 

CFW applicants in critical need of assistance are given priority, but with your help we hope to offer assistance to every one of our brothers and sisters who feels medical cannabis is best for them. As a non-profit, CFW relies solely on the generosity and support of individuals, organizations, and business partners.

On behalf of the CFW Team, and more importantly our brothers and sisters who need and deserve this life changing opportunity, thank you to all who support Operation Warrior Relief and help CFW make this Operation a success.

CFW is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax deductible. EIN: 83-2556469