The CFW Warrior In Need (WIN) program is designed for families, friends, and loved ones to submit a Warrior who may qualify for financial assistance through CFW. If you know a Warrior who needs financial assistance, and the chance to win AN ENTIRE YEAR of FREE medical visits, please share their story. All information remains confidential.

Please note that while CFW wishes we could help every Warrior in need obtain the healthcare of their choice, regrettably we are limited to what our funding allows. 

Is your Warrior Eligible?
To be considered for the CFW WIN Program, candidates must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • Served in the U.S. Armed Forces and received an Honorable discharge;
  • Have a service-connected disability that is a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in their home state.

If you feel your Warrior meets the requirements, please complete and submit the form below. We look forward to hearing your incredible story and helping in any way we can. 


Warrior in Need Information